How to start drinking your coffee BLACK

My first memories of coffee are in middle school when I discovered frappuccinos. The caramel variety were my absolute favorite – extra whipped cream, extra extra caramel syrup. To be fair, these are one of the most delicious things EVER, but also one of the unhealthiest. As I got older, I tried to be healthier with my coffee choices but that still meant adding a ton of skim milk and Splenda.

About 5 years ago, I decided to see if I could start drinking my coffee black for multiple reasons. It was around the time I started living with my boyfriend (now husband) and he drank it black. It was also the same time I started working with new co-workers who also drank their coffee black. When we’d go on Starbucks runs it would be three black coffees and then my “skim milk, but not too much – oh and three Splendas but bring a few extra just in case” order. So, it started as a way to prove to myself that I could drink it black because how hard can it be??? Then, it became a habit and now black coffee is something I absolutely love!

Here are some unintentional benefits that I’ve discovered:

  • Brunches are that much better – when they come around to refill your cup of coffee, you can immediately start drinking again. No wasted time getting your milk/sugar ratio just right
  • It’s cheaper and quicker – you’ve all seen the guy (or gal) at Starbucks who gets their order immediately and doesn’t have to spend five minutes at the milk station
  • Ordering is so simple – no one can mess up a black coffee
  • You get to taste the actual coffee – to be fair, I’m no coffee connoisseur but you do notice when restaurants/cafes have exceptionally great (or horrible!) coffee

I know what you are thinking – I have no interest in ever drinking my coffee black OR I could never go without the milk/sugar. If you are in the latter category – you totally can and here’s how:

Weeks 1-3  – start adding less sugar/sweetener. Don’t go cold turkey but start using less

Weeks 4-6 – start drinking it without sugar, only milk

Week 7 – this is where you make the leap and start drinking it black…YOU CAN DO IT!

Of course, black coffee isn’t for everyone and if cream/milk/sugar is your thing – that’s absolutely fine! BUT, if you’ve ever thought about making the leap – give it a gradual try and let me know what you think WHEN you make it to the other side!




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