Weekly Grocery Order


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I LOVE looking up recipes and placing the food order for the week. I’m sure that sounds strange to some (all?) of you but I get so excited to try new recipes the following week and the food order is essential to make sure I have everything I need.

After doing SMP (Sunday Meal Prep) I normally spend some time on Sunday afternoon looking through cookbooks and online to get inspiration for next week’s meals. I then place the food order – a combination of food I need for next weeks recipes as well as pantry items that I’ve run out of. I arrange for the delivery to be the next Saturday morning – great way to start the weekend, I promise!

Each week’s order obviously differs, but there are some staples that I always order (in addition to the pantry staples – see post) that you should consider adding to your weekly order. These are great things to have around – there’s always a way to use them.





Frozen Berries


Oranges (or anything in season that’s cheap)



Sweet Potatoes

Bell Peppers


Brussel Sprouts (anything in season that’s green)



Greek Yogurt (I prefer 2% or full fat)



Salmon (or any hearty fish on sale)

Ground beef (or turkey)

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to structure a well-rounded grocery order that’ll provide a great base for some delicious meals ahead of you!




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