Online Grocery Shopping

Depending on what camp you fall in – love grocery shopping or hate grocery shopping, online is something to consider. When we lived in Chicago, my husband and I used to do our weekly grocery run on Sunday mornings – round trip it would take about 90 minutes. When we moved to London we realized if we wanted to get all of our groceries in one swoop, online would be the only way to go without a car. It is now one of my favorite things for multiple reasons:

  1. You can do it from anywhere – on your couch, during your lunch break, on the commute home, etc.
  2. You can track how much you are spending and make sure to stay within your budget
  3. You never forget anything – I know it’s a ploy to get us to spend more money, but when you “check-out” you’ll get a reminder of your previous orders and what you haven’t bought recently, etc.
  4. You get back precious hours that you can instead spend with family/friends (or, The Bachelor – to each their own)

I use Ocado here in London – I couldn’t recommend them enough. I used Peapod occasionally in Chicago and they are great as well. They normally have a code for a certain amount off your first order – just Google it and you’ll find something.

Try it this week and see what you think!



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