London Market-ing: Borough


One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning is at a London market. Every neighborhood has some semblance of a street market and then there are the bigger ones, like Borough. Some people have fallen out of love with Borough because it is so touristy and crowded, but that’s part of what I find so appealing. No matter what time you go, people and food are everywhere. If you are a foodie and don’t enjoy Borough, I’ll eat (see what I did there?) my words!

I love that there’s something for everyone – fruit, veggies, smoothies, seafood, meat, prepared food, coffee, spices, honey, baked goods…the list goes on! You see some people eating, others just perusing and a lot taking pictures – it makes for a wonderful atmosphere.

No, its not my favorite market – that would be Maltby (post coming soon), but it was the first one I discovered after moving here and will always be somewhere I love to explore.











Cheers to your favorite market, what a treat to have these open year-round!


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