London Market-ing: Maltby


Maltby Street Market is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. I think it’s getting increasingly popular – every time I go, it’s busier and busier! Don’t get me wrong, that’s great news for the vendors and the neighborhood but selfishly I wanted it to stay my little gem!

It’s located right off the Bermondsey tube stop – about halfway between there and London Bridge. The first time I went, I was looking for a Borough-type market  – large fruit stands, fish vendors, etc. Maltby is absolutely not that, in the best way possible. Maltby is a place you come to eat, drink and leisurely spend an afternoon – but a grocery shopping experience it is not!

It’s located under the train tracks – on one side of the tracks are brick and mortar food distribution centers/beer halls and on the other is the market. If you enter on the east side, the first thing you see is a HUGE vat of potato, ham and cheese – the smell is out of this world. The first time I went with my husband, he bought this immediately – it’s still so hard for him to pass up but we vow to try something new every time we come.


The market itself isn’t huge – it’s about 15 feet wide and about 50 yard long. They make such great use of the small space they have – there’s something for everyone. They have fish sandwiches, Norwegian lox, Notes coffee, juice/smoothies, waffles (sweet or savory), king crab leg sandwiches,  scotch eggs, fresh oysters, lobster rolls and of course SWEETS!









You see people of all shapes and sizes, eating food of all varieties, all crammed together – might not sound appealing, but it is wonderful!

If you live in London, it’s a MUST! If you are visiting and in town on a Saturday or Sunday, I’d highly recommend a stop by if you happen to find yourself near London Bridge. I think Maltby gives you a true taste into how Londoners enjoy the neighborhood markets – such a treat!

The next market in the series will be Broadway – I think you’ll love that one as well. It’s a mix between Borough and Maltby – groceries/fruit/veggies/meat and lots of freshly made street food.

Are there any London markets you adore? I’m always looking to find new ones!





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  1. cake vs fitness says:

    This is great! I have always wanted to move to London & I loooove cooking. I’m so happy I read your blog. I’ll have to go through and check out more local tips for when I FINALLY make the move! Also, lovely pictures!

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    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! I’d be more than happy to help in whatever way I can when you make the move!!

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      1. cake vs fitness says:



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