Sunday Meal Prep – Week 5


I can’t believe this is the fifth week of the blog, which also means it is week 5 of SMP! I hope you are enjoying the recipes and prep ideas as much as I’m enjoying creating them!

The dogs woke up at 6am this morning and were ready to GO – I could’ve used a bit more sleep, but that was that! The good news is that I was done with meal prep by 11am and that included a lot of coffee breaks, per usual. It normally takes about 3-4 hours and that includes all of the chopping, dicing marinating, baking, etc. Not too bad for a week of food and absolutely NO cooking during the work week. If you are like me, after a long day at work the only thing I can be bothered to do is assemble and reheat – anything more than that is too much!

Here’s what I made for the week ahead:

Breakfast – Strawberries ‘n’ cream oatmeal bake

Lunch – Almond-crusted mozzarella chicken breasts with jalapeno corn cakes and broccoli

Dinner – Asian chicken lettuce wraps with my carrot/ginger dressing and sweet potatoes on the side

Snacks – Red/green pepper mini-frittatas with avocado

As an aside, a fellow blogger recommended I put the links to the SMP recipes directly in these posts – it is a GREAT idea and one I’ll start doing over Easter weekend when I have a 4-day weekend and some time to go back and update them. Thank you for the suggestion!

In the interim, all my recipes can be found under their respective category (e.g. smoothie, meat) or by searching the actual name of the recipe. I’ll post all of these recipes throughout the week but feel free to make some of my previous SMP recipes – I think you’ll love them!



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