Sunday Meal Prep – Week 9


It wasn’t planned, but this week’s meal prep came together SO quickly – if you are stressed for time, this would be a great menu to go with! I was done with everything in under two hours, including chopping/baking/cleaning – that’s a win in my book!

It’s starting to get nicer here in London, meaning I’m craving more salads/veggies – they just sound so good when it’s (relatively) hot outside!

Here’s what I made this week:

Breakfast/SnacksBanana Pineapple Coconut Oatmeal Muffins. That’s a mouthful, I know, but they taste so tropical and are just perfect for a quick breakfast before work!

Breakfast 2 – my husband has developed a love for Overnight Zucchini Oats (“Zoats”), so I made him some (to be fair, he’s currently working on the yard while I sunbathe, so it’s not a one-way street :))

LunchAvocado Tuna Salad (with radishes/walnuts) along with Roasted Sweet Potatoes/White Onions and Sauteed Swiss Chard (not pictured – I jumped the gun and packed my lunches before my husband could get the camera out!)

DinnerStuffed Zucchini Boats with a ground beef/onion mixture and topped with fresh tomatoes and cheese!

I think you’ll LOVE the zucchini boats so much – they are going to become a staple in our house, I’ll just start switching up the meat mixture and toppings. What a nice, light summer meal – yum!

I’ll put the recipes on the blog this week, here’s the schedule:

Monday – Zucchini Boats

Wednesday – Avocado Tuna Salad

Friday – Banana Pineapple Coconut Oatmeal Muffins

Cheers to SMP!


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