Sunday Meal Prep – Week 10


Week 10 – I can’t believe the blog is about to enter into month 4, what fun I’m having! I hope you find the SMP series as a source of inspiration when you aren’t sure what to make for the week ahead – that can be so frustrating, there are a million recipes on the internet, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!

This week is very fish-heavy, there’s just something about the warmer weather that makes me crave lighter meals and fish normally plays a central part!

Here’s what I made this week:

BreakfastCarrot Cake Overnight Oats, these are super simple and delicious! They are a combination of oats, almond milk, greek yogurt, grated carrots, raisins, chia seeds, maples syrup, cinnamon and vanilla. I mix it up and by the morning, they are the perfect consistency!

LunchPesto Salmon, Roasted Broccoli and a Mozzarella/Avocado/Tomato Farro Salad in a Lemon Olive Oil, Balsamic Dressing – there’s not much better than the MAT combination. Agreed??

DinnerRoasted Sea Bass covered in herbs, with Lemons and Tomatoes. We’ll have this with Roasted Potatoes in a Parsley, Olive Oil Sauce!

DessertChocolate Chunk Chickpea Blondies, if you haven’t tried these yet they are amazing! The recipe is on the blog, you’ll love them!!

Expect some more light and refreshing menus as the weather heats up, I have so many ideas!




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