How to eat more veggies…and not notice!


I’ve never been one of those people that craves veggies. Fruit is a totally different story, but veggies – not so much. We all know how good they are for us, so over the years I’ve found ways to get more greens into my diet without noticing them and now it’s almost second nature!

Here are some of my favorite tricks:

  1. Buy them
    • This may sound simple, but if you are like me you will find a way to use them to avoid throwing them away!
  2. Change the size/shape
    • I’m not sure why this makes them taste so much better, but it does! Think about it – when you thinly slice carrots for a spring roll it sounds amazing but a full-sized raw carrot just doesn’t seem nearly as appetizing!
  3. Start your day with a smoothie
    • I haven’t always been a smoothie person, but if I can get a few extra cups of spinach in first thing in the morning without noticing it – that’s a win in my book
  4. Change the texture
    • Puree, mash, grate, karate chop – whatever you prefer, it makes a big difference!
  5. Roast them
    • This is my favorite way to cook them – regardless of the type of veggie you cook, they taste so sweet and flavorful with just a little olive oil and salt
  6. Add them to:
    • Casseroles
    • Stir-frys
    • Pastas
    • Soups
    • Chili
    • Pizza
    • Eggs/omelets
    • Grain salads
    • Crock pot meals
  7. Try new ones
    • It’s so easy to get bored if you eat the same greens every week – aim to buy what’s in season and it’ll force you to change which ones you are trying!

What are some of your ways to get greens into your diet??



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